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The 'Final' 9/11 Commission Report, released 7/22, is not complete. What about the Pentagon video frames (CNN)?

The commission's "Team 8" looked into them, yet they were omitted from the 'complete' final report!!!

What's wrong
with this!!!

BTW, have you ever seen the unbelievably bogus forged Niger uranium documents? (ABC NBC)

"It doesn't matter so much what my theory of 9/11 is. The most important point is that the government's theory (and yours?) is impossible!"

- anonymous, 2004 is Different
"It doesn't matter so much
what my theory of 9/11 is.
The most important point
is that the government's theory
(and yours?) is impossible!"

- anonymous, 2004
"For The Legend Of 9/11 to be false,
we all knew it would take at least
one lie bigger than 9/11 itself
to keep 9/11 covered up."

-, 2004

Lies of omission are the most dangerous. - George Orwell was established in 2004, primarily to present what we saw as the suppressed revealing 9/11 evidence which was not being addressed by the government, the political establishment, the media, the alternative media, academia, or even the 9/11 truth movement - a condition which persists to this day.

When most people think of "9/11", when they think of "it", they are accepting the five (5) layers of lies that comprise the government's official conspiracy theory of 9/11. The "911truth" sites are mostly pretty good at questioning the outer-most layers, but in ways that subtly but powerfully reinforce the inner layers. Further, they do not question - but often even explicitly support! - the 2 innermost lies of 9/11, the ones related to purported hijackers and alleged airliners. In other words, as long as most people can go on being emotionally (hatefully) invested in the core false-flag lies about "[the] planes" and "[the] hijackers", it is mission accomplished for the false-flag "911truth" squad!

Therefore the disinformative "911truth" squads must act as devout plane-huggers, because people would stop swallowing the core lie about purported hijackers if the lies about hijacked alleged airliners ever became widely known, which, for the false-flag disinformers, would represent total failure. So from "911truth" you'll never hear "alleged airliners", only "the planes". Similarly, with them it's never "purported hijackers"...

Put it this way: If the government ever said "of course it was hijacked airliners that hit the buildings", people could and would question the government. But when the government's 'leading' supposed skeptics all denounce those who dissent, and poo-poo and/or suppress the evidence which reveals that it was not the alleged airliners that hit the buildings, that is safer and far more effective, because, for one thing, fake opposition fools most of the people most of the time.

For example, among the incisive evidence that the "911truth" squads do not want you to know about is what is written on page 31 of the 9-11 Commission Report, the government's omission of its own evidence from its own complete and final report, this NBC network video that aired only on 9/11, and the Naudet video "flash frame"!!!!!

We are not conspiracy theorists. We are conspiracy theory debunkers. We recognize that the official explanation for 9/11 (you know, the one which claims that "19 evil guys with boxcutters did all that") is itself a far-fetched conspiracy theory, and we debunk it. We do this not by proffering any alternative theory, but merely by presenting some evidence which refutes the official conspiracy theory. (One needn't know how the magician sawed the woman in half and put her back together unharmed in order to know that it was a trick. And once We The People know that We were tricked by [what was formerly] Our government on 9/11, it's much more important for Us to address that reality than to dwell on every detail regarding precisely how We were tricked, and why the media is keeping huge horrible truths from Us, denying Us the ability to vote responsibly.)

So while is a 9/11 evidence site, we do not offer any theories. We try to do a minimum of analysis and commentary. For the most part, we just present some little-known evidence - the rest of the story - that makes it difficult-to-impossible to go on blaming 9/11 on purported "suicidal Muslim hijackers". Much of this evidence is video evidence that we recorded off-the-air on 9/11, which remains the only time some of this video evidence has ever been broadcast.

Most of our videos are presented in the QuickTime format, which offers several advantages, notably that the QT player/plugin provides single-frame advance and reverse analysis capability by using the keyboard's arrow keys once in pause mode, the QT compression codecs are efficient for web clips, and QT clips stream nicely without needing special server software. You can buy a key to unlock the player's ability to export videos in QT formats, but the free download/player/plugin is all you need to play QT video files (and scrutinize suppressed 9/11 video evidence).

More recently, as QT is no longer fully supported, some of the videos are presented in MP4 (and sometimes also WEBM and OGV) format, embedded in the web page itself, using your HTML5 web browser's internal player. PLEASE NOTE that, due to the 3-column format of this site's pages, some of the videos cannot be presented at full size (in full resolution; only a lower-res video is shown) unless you click on a link next to the smaller-sized lower-resolution video, which will take you to the full-resolition full-sized video in its own page.

We also present, in audio form, a pair of President Bush's repeated, voluntary, incriminating 9/11 witness statements, which indicate prior knowledge of the 'secret' 'surprise' attack at the highest level of the U.S. government. We felt compelled to do this once, beginning in 2003 and continuing to this day, we noticed how virtually all of the writers and web sites which refer to Bush's 9/11 confessions (the 9-11 Commission Report failed to mention them at all) falsely refer to them as impossible lies, to be dismissed, as if Bush is just an incompetent and/or a perfect liar, and not a graduate of Harvard and Yale, so we should just not pay any attention at all to his loose-lips-sink-ships statements, or the way they've been so overlooked.

And while others were disregarding this evidence, we filed a FOIA request and got responses from the Pentagon, including one signed by a U.S. Army General, which indicate that it is doubly wrong to disregard Bush's repeated statements. (Getting others to disregard legend-penetrating evidence and facts is how those who perpetuate major lies, also known as gatekeepers, function. Years ago, we put up a $500 reward offer challenge to the dismissive pronouncements of "911truth" [sic]; it remains unclaimed because their Bush-confessions-dismissing presentations are unsupported by any evidence.)

Another reason President Bush's statements are so important is what is revealed by the fact that all elected and prominent Democrats simply pretend like Bush just never made them. We note this. Few, if any, other 9/11 sites do.

We also note that the government's own Pentagon Video Evidence - the only view any of us have ever seen of the 3rd aerial impact that day, and one which contradicts the official conspiracy theory - was omitted not only from the government's "complete and final report" of the events of 9/11, but also from the 911 truth movement's 149-page "omission report" supposedly detailing the government's omissions. Few, if any, other 9/11 sites note that, either.

So when you take one look at our copy of that incredibly brief bright burst of light in the Naudet video of the 1st WTC aerial impact (we recorded, off-the-air, what is believed to be the first known public airing of this scene) and dismiss it, because the long-standing propaganda of the so-called 911 Truth Movement long ago persuaded you that there's probably no merit to it, please re-think that conclusion, too. (Various 911truth operatives have attempted to smear and dismiss the anomalies in this video, and helped the government suppress widespread awareness of it, but they've never explained it...) Time and again, the 911truth 'movement' has proven itself to be duplicitously corrupt - it opposes The Legend Of 9/11 much the same way Democrats (appear, but fail, to) oppose the various lies (and even confession) by the Bush administration.

Now if you believe that we're being too hard on the mutually-trusted and mutually-respected 'leaders' of the so-called truth movement, and that's why none of them will link or even honestly refer to the evidence at, please consider the following:

Our one analysis page, Free-Fall Physics (the towers fell too fast), is superior to the alternative analysis, which uses "billiard balls" (conservation of momentum) to analyze the falls of the towers. We use Conservation Of Energy, instead, for our reality check, as it is simpler (momentum is a vector quantity, involving magnitude and direction) and more reliable (momentum is only conserved in non-destructive collisions between solids, which is not only immensely difficult to rigorously apply to complex destructive events, but completely inapplicable to the phenomenally destructive demise of the twin towers, and thus also highly misleading). We just remind people how gravity behaves, and point out that the expected resistance was obviously not encountered.

So, to recap, we try to avoid telling you what to think or, worse, who to trust (that's a big M.O. of the gatekeepers). We strive to present good evidence which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to go on clinging to the official conspiracy theory, and mostly just let the evidence speak for itself. We'd much rather raise unasked questions than try to answer them. We avoid leaping to conclusions, or telling you who to hate for 9/11. (We have our notions regarding the dark side of what is basically known as the military-industrial-media-security complex, but those are outside the scope and purpose of this site.)

This site is for helping people to recognize that much of what they thought they knew about 9/11 does not withstand scrutiny, and that therefore they still don't really knew 9/11 for what it truly was, and that therefore our [sic] government, and apparently pretty much all our institutions (and all those people who populate them), have utterly failed us in this vital matter of pivotal importance to the history of the world.

We've also recognized that there is a significant overlap between the institutional (government, military, political, media, academia...) lies of omission (IOW, what they're all not saying) and those of the so-called 911 truth movement, which tries to get people to perpetually doubt (or believe) the biggest 9/11 lies - lies which the evidence they've 'failed' to consider makes it easy to totally reject. We publish some of the evidence that and its many minions refuse to honestly consider, and they reciprocate by acting like this site doesn't exist. Apparently they're helping to keep We The People from honestly considering certain pieces of evidence, or even becoming aware of them.

Please consider (please fact-check!) the evidence presented here on its own merits, not based upon what others (have told you to) 'think' about it, and decide for yourself if it's logical (or even possible) to cling to the government's "19 Muslims did it" conspiracy theory of 9/11, or if The Legend Of 9/11 isn't like some kind of a modern outbreak of a fresh variant of Flat-Earth Disease; a set of horrible shock-and-awe lies which have been spread like disease through our minds, and from which many of We The People have yet to deprogram Ourselves, even as The Big Lie(s) of 9/11 (ie, the well-publicized cover story) are being used as the pretext to eviscerate Our Constitution (and to launch wars of aggression - a Nuremberg War Crime) and convert the USA into a Homeland right before Our very eyes.

Questions? Comments? Contact us!

    "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security."

        - Ben Franklin

      (We suspect Ben was forewarning Us to never surrender Our precious freedoms, no matter how frightened We might be, for phantom illusions of "security". That's why our blimp bears his name.)

    "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

        - The Declaration of Independence
           Birth certificate of the USA
           July 4, 1776

"It doesn't matter so much what my theory of 9/11 is. The most important point is that the government's theory (and yours?) is impossible!"

"For The Legend Of 9/11 to be false, we all knew it would take at least one lie bigger than 9/11 itself to keep 9/11 covered up."

-, 2004

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